"...let the children of Zion
rejoice in their King.
Let them praise His name with
dancing with drums and harp, let them make music
to Him..."

Tehillim 149:2

Suzuki Method Detail

The Private Instument Study Program committment includes:  

Private Lesson – An individual session with each participating student. This is a central part of the program where a student receives one-on-one instruction with the teacher for the purposes of learning and improving the playing technique and working on the repertoire.

Small Group Class – This is a group of two students who work together with an instructor. The purpose of the small group class is retention of the material learned in the private lesson. Also, this accounts for the social aspect of working with peers which is an important part of the Suzuki method. This opportunity allows children to share their abilities with each other learn from and motivate each other.   

Both private lesson and small group class are meant to be taken together, resulting in two weekly sessions with an instructor. The two classes compliment each other where private session is for learning new material, while the small group session is to retain what has been learned. *

* In certain situations students may register for either private or small group class. This is determined on a case by case basis.