"...let the children of Zion
rejoice in their King.
Let them praise His name with
dancing with drums and harp, let them make music
to Him..."

Tehillim 149:2

Day School Outreach Program

Onsite arts education for day schools and early childhood facilities

Kinor Child Resource Center: Music in motion

At Kinor our goal is to use arts education as a tool to promote cognitive, physical and emotional development.  Our program is designed to help deepen the consciousness and self-awareness of children and help them connect to the world and its Creator in more ways than one. 

In an effort to bring quality fine arts arts education to Jewish day schools / early childhood facilites we have established an outreach program which offers customized curriculum integrated with the Judaic and general studies.  Some of the goals of this curriculum include:

  • Promoting language acquisition and literacy (both English and Hebrew)
  • Helping children discover their talent, develop creative thinking.
  • Improving focus, self-awareness, attention to detail and group participation skills
  • Providing children with a meaningful venue for creative expression within  the framework of Torah.
  • Introducing the fundamental concepts in music as well as music literacy.
  • Using musical experiences to foster positive relationships and a stronger sense of community.

A customized music program may include:

  • Early childhood - Music and Movement
  • Private lessons for all grades in: FLUTE, HARP, CLARINET, GUITAR, PIANO, VIOLIN, VOICE
  • Group Music Literacy
  • Choir
  • Ensemble
  • Drums workshop

We offer:

  • Jewish Music Curriculum - exclusively designed and arranged for Kinor programs
  • Information session(s)
  • Customized Scheduling
  • Qualified instructors
  • Organizing School Music Events - full preparation and scheduling of performances
  • Registration and billing


  • Convenient access to enrichment classes onsite for families
  • Elective participation by interested families 
  • Enhanced quality of your program