"...let the children of Zion
rejoice in their King.
Let them praise His name with
dancing with drums and harp, let them make music
to Him..."

Tehillim 149:2

Music Therapy

Music therapy involves utilizing music in a way which helps a child overcome various challenges including physical, emotional, social and cognitive.  Music therapy helps achieve a number of goals including improvement of communication, academic strength, attention span and motor skills among others. Some of the music therapy techniques include:

  1. learning to play an instrument which helps develop motor skills, improve impulse control and group cooperation
  2. creative movement which helps improve coordination, strength, balance and gait. 
  3. Improvisation which facilitates non-verbal expression and helps establish a channel for communication for non-verbal children.  
  4. Singing which helps develop articulation, sense of rhythm and breath control.  Remembering lyrics is a sequencing exercise which fosters memory. 
  5. Listening to music in combination with guided imagery technique helps alleviate emotional issues and develops focus.

Some children may develop musical ability as a result of music therapy, but the primary goal is to improve a child’s ability to function and thrive in the world.