"...let the children of Zion
rejoice in their King.
Let them praise His name with
dancing with drums and harp, let them make music
to Him..."

Tehillim 149:2

Classes Offered

Private instrument study

Kinor Child Resource Center: Music in motion

For all ages, beginners through advanced

  • Flute
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Clarinet

World Drums Class

Working in small groups with instruments from Africa, Middle East, Cuba, and Brazil we learn rhythms and songs from all around the world. As we travel around the globe the students will learn about the history and origin of the rhythms and inter connect them on maps to see how they themselves are travelling around the planet. Workshops endeavor to introduce the student to knowledge of the history, language, and culture that they are studying. Some of the history and background of rhythms like Kuku from the Malinke tribe in Africa, to Bata rhythms and song from Cuba which have their origins in the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, and Samba from Brazil and it's famous carnival.

Music in Motion©

Designed for 3-5 year olds, this class helps promote language development and literacy through the study of music. Our unique curriculum is sequenced to help students learn about the building blocks or written language by using the non-verbal language of music as a guide. Song and movement, rhyming and improvisation, storytelling and instrument playing are used to develop:

  • language / literacy
  • attention to detail
  • multi-tasking
  • creative self-expression
  • focus / attention span
  • as well as introduce the concepts of melody, harmony, beat, rhythm, and notation

Guitar Group Class – Beginner Level

In this class, students get to know all the parts of the guitar, from frets to strings, and learn how to tune the instrument. They explore the fundamentals of music notation and learn to produce clear, beautiful tone and chords. Students are introduced to concepts such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, harmony and melody they also learn to play basic chord symbols and melodies.

Music Literacy

For children who already have the understanding of the basic principles in music.  This class involves acquiring musical literacy by learning rhythmic and melodic notation with the purpose of composing and reading music.  This is also a great supplemental class for students who are studying a musical instrument. 

Stories in Clay  

Parents want their children to learn, children want to have fun; we combine these goals into one.  One of the best ways to learn is through the hands-on-experience.  We offer various art activities to help children improve their fine-motor skills and discover their creativity.  In this class children are encouraged to express themselves verbally and in written form, improve their social skills and learn how to work in a group and be a team player.  We create the environment where each child succeeds